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About the Firm

Daniel Moody, P.A.'s philosophy is to provide superior legal representation to achieve our client's objective and resolve disputes and problems in a timely, responsive and cost-effective manner. To achieve this goal, the firm uses sophisticated and specialized computer software for case management assistance, and limits its practice areas. The Firm focuses its representation on construction law and state and federal court litigation in the areas of construction litigation, construction lien foreclosure and construction bond claims, and general commercial litigation, throughout the State of Florida.

Daniel Moody, P.A. construction law practice includes the representation of:

The firm's representation of these clients involves a wide variety of matters including contract preparation, review and negotiation, and dispute and claim avoidance. In addition, the firm represents its clients in the mediation, arbitration and litigation of construction disputes, involving commercial, condominium, multi-family residential and single family residential properties. These disputes include, but are not limited to, claims for:

  • nonpayment
  • construction lien foreclosure actions
  • payment bond and performance bond claims
  • construction defects
  • differing site conditions
  • time impact claims for delay, suspension, acceleration and disruption

  • express and implied warranty claims
  • bid mistakes and bid protests
  • design negligence
  • general breach of contract actions

The firm also represents construction industry license-holders in the defense of administrative actions before local licensing boards and the Construction Industry Licensing Board of the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Daniel Moody, P.A. commercial litigation practice includes both pre-judgment and post-judgment representation of commercial creditors (primarily construction industry materials supply companies and equipment rental companies). The firm routinely represents these clients in breach of contract actions; suits on open accounts; claims for goods sold; both pre-judgment and post-judgment garnishment; pre-judgment and post-judgment attachment and levy; proceedings supplementary to judgment; and creditor representation in bankruptcy, including bankruptcy adversary proceedings. The firm also represents businesses in a wide range of matters including breach of contract, misrepresentation, fraud, tortious interference, conspiracy, negligence, business interruption, covenants not to compete, implied covenants of good faith and fair dealing, deceptive and unfair trade practices (Florida's "Little F.T.C. Act"), and Uniform Commercial Code disputes.